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Cheerful work

Chithira is an interior designing and furnishing star that makes an amusing ambiance for every household, big cheers over superior work quality and amazing patterns.

One needs a good inner-heart to serve, satisfy and reach out to others with a helping hand. He must be immensely blessed for being endowed with such kind heartedness also. There should be a human touch in everything, even in business also, Mr. Vijayan Nair of Ambernath-based  Chithira Interiors rightly believes.

A house is not just a shelter but a dream place too, that is nursed well inside the heart of the owner, spouse and others who are staying together. Often life-time, the family stays at the house that is built on a long-cherished dream with hard-earned money. Being the most precious asset in one’s life it is obvious that the owner would always be willing to beautify it to add comforts. Today, in suburbs like Badlapur, Ambernath and Kalyan, on an average, 15 to 20 per cent of the cost of house is spent on interior remake and furnishing. People do it with a passion, reflecting the change in lifestyle and desire for better comforts.

A good interior designer is supposed to see the depth of a household's heart, their aesthetic choice and delivers it for the family's life-time contentment. An architect needs good human quality to understand it well and to suffice the needs of whom he is serving with thorough understanding of the aesthetic preference of the family. Mr Nair, that way, is a perfect fit for being a technocrat in his business.

Indeed, that has been the core of success of Chithira Interiors, a name that commands brand respect for its premium quality in its market over the last 25 years. A vast repository of appealing designs and patterns, admirable pool of talents within, superior technology skills and above all total dedication of its team make Chithira a virtual business star for Mr. Nair. The boat-shaped first letter "C" for Chithira, his star in horoscope, kept his business floating smoothly ahead, taking his customers also along with him to enjoy the smoothness of the ride. "Today I am happy with what my company has hitherto achieved, a respectable brand name and a good number of customers," he says while recalling the initial years when he used to have meeting with a well-educated friend outside this office, near Ambernath railway station. That gradually led to naming of his company and its logo after a long pondering over it. Today, as many as 60 people work in the company that has well equipped workshops and design team headed by Mr. Nair himself. At a time his team works in multiple locations. "Once a contract is procured, we take in our hand the key of the house and return it key within six months, changing the entire living ambit that makes the family members proud of their new home," he avers.

The company’s order book is swelling now. There is a ready order for the next six months to operate on full capacity. "I am not worried about the market for my company in the present context," he says while asserting: "I always stick to quality standard, durability and contemporary styles." A satisfied customer naturally generates more customers. They become happier when they get their old fixtures and furniture serviced again after many years, he says referring a customer's experience of getting his company’s service 25 years after purchase of the furniture.

For quality products people do not mind stretching their budget a bit more. Since people do not want to replace their fixtures and furniture frequently, designer should use only quality material and awesome design options. "Though I have a vast range of materials including the ones of luxury standard I advise people to go for good quality material," he says. As far as interior designing is concerned being a durable work with everlasting styles, fit-to-pocket should not be the only criteria. It should be -fit-to-satisfaction for lifetime too. Today, house owners’, especially of the new ones’ attitude has changed. They want pleasant interior, appealing fixtures and regal furniture. That has created flourishing opportunities for interior designers who are professionals and reliable.

Mr. Vijayan Nair, who joined MTPF, Ambernath at the age of 21, is a qualified interior designer with a heart for others. Eight years after working at Ordnance Factory, he took the calling of his mind on interior designing and furnishing activities. Optimistic of building a business in interior designing, he left his job and began to engage on it full-time. “It was only after two years of my beginning, I thought of finding a brand name,” he recalls. That was a good decision, now he finds.

While his own ethics in business gives him a good sleep, he builds appealing interiors for families to cheer over their aesthetic preference for better sleep. Built on trust and morality, Chithira Interiors has become a distinct name in the vast and now flourishing home interior designing and furnishing business. Twenty five years ago when he ventured into this business that was where his mind and talent rested he might not have seen unfolding of a potential market of home interior designing and furnishing market, that too in as remote Mumbai suburban markets as Badlapur, Ambernath and Kalyan. "We must do what our talent inspires us and keep exploring. Some may succeed, some may not," he points out, while recalling his early days. In the course of life one meets many people, shares experience of many and follows some - whom he feels ideal and draws inspirations from. But nothing comes so easily, he adds. One has to work hard, that is the message he always gives to his progenies too.

As a well integrated interior designing and furnishing company, Chithira will continue to thrive on the booming local economy of the densely populated suburbs. As the suburbs are expanding, his geography of business also expands. Long list of satisfied customers in many regions and Mr Nair’s determination to serve everyone strictly by ethics make Chithira not only a lucky-star in his own horoscope but also a unique small business model of success.

 Mr Vijayan Nair spends a quarter of his time on social activities. familiar name in all social circuits, especially