Partner of the Year 2016

CSS Corporation

CSS Corp gets Partner of the Year – 2016 Award

CSS Corp, a leading IT services and tech support company recently won the prestigious Partner of the Year – 2016 Award from NETGEAR, a global networking company. The award was announced at the NETGEAR vendor summit held in Santa Clara, CA, USA in January this year.  CSS Corp bagged this award by scoring high across four major partner criteria of being the most innovative and value added partner, the best in class overall performer, the top performer in premium tech support, and world class customer experience management.

CSS Corp is NETGEAR’s key global tech support partner. Their specialized technical support solutions help optimize and create superlative customer experiences in every interaction through automation/self-service, with an Omni channel experience across all social and support channels based on the customer needs. All of this is driven by an analytics platform that makes the support engine intelligent and pro-active. CSS Corp’s Tech Support services not only helps simplify support but also enhances brand stickiness and creates new revenue streams whilst reducing support costs.

NETGEAR is serious about providing great customer experiences, says Jennifer Khouri, VP Customer Support. “We believe that connecting with customers pro-actively and in greater frequency will bring us richer insights. This will help us know where we are falling short, and move beyond a traditional support model to a place of listening and truly understanding. Our aim is to forge stronger ties with our customers and for that to happen we need to be more proactive in our approach. This is where our support partner CSS Corp plays a key role. We are glad to partner with them, and wish them continued success,” says Jennifer.

CSS Corp’s relationship with NETGEAR goes back a long way, says Manish Tandon, CEO of CSS Corp. “We understand their need for smart support in today’s IoT world with pressures on shorter product cycles. They are continually pushing their own team, and ours, to think bigger and do more to enhance the overall customer experience. They have embarked on incredibly innovative initiatives which have poised them to become a customer experience leader,” Mr Tandon points out. 

CSS Corp has global team of over 5,500 technology support professional spread across 15 global locations, provide the right customer experience (CX) strategy and execution on a daily basis.

CSS Corp has received this recognition with the latest release of its Predictive Operations and Automation Platform that has attained significant customer engagement milestones. This platform, provided with a single-view dashboard, is powered with capabilities that eliminate problems before the environment is impacted.
CSS Corp helps enterprises realize the full value of their IT infrastructure investment. Its platform solution hypercharges enterprise Infrastructure ecosystem, predicts incidents, threats and business opportunities and assists in the decision-making process. This year CSS Corp will broaden its competitive advantages around IT service management capabilities by continuing to invest in automation, self-heal and advanced analytics for high efficiency and effectiveness,” adds Manish.