Cover page with commercial feature can be viewed by the public round the clock at least for a year, as the same will remain flashing for a year or as decided by the Editor.


For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) this will serve as a platform for reaching out to commercial lenders, private equity investors, strategic investors, strategic partners, promotional institutions, various services offered by investment banking institutions, etc., besides suitable vendors. An SME can also register with us (clicking contact) by feeding in some information on their business and business model. An SME can also be in direct touch with us to discuss their issues, which can then be taken to appropriate authorities. In fact, this will work as a consultancy platform for their business development. This column also offers SMEs a platform to talk about their success, potential business model, future plans, growth strategies, the main challenges they face currently, etc. to the world of business.


This mainly deals with banking services, how a bank is growing, strengths of the bank, customer service initiatives, products and services, expansion plan, future growth strategies, efforts to add shareholders value, technology prowess, business quality, management and HR issues, social responsibilities and a host of other issues related to the banking institution. Under this we also focus on RETAIL BANKING INITIATIVES OF VARIOUS BANKS and AGRICULTURE BANKING.


On quarterly or on periodic basis, we analysis performance of select institutions in brief, including banks with quotes from the respective firms. This column will also take a look at their recent achievements and also may indicate with is in store for the future.


This column will highlight some companies’ admirable achievements in the recent years, their strength in the industry, growth potential, challenges that it could tackle successfully, strategies for future growth, expansion or diversification plans, efforts to create shareholders value, etc.


Readers can look for suitable investment opportunities based on their risk appetite and anticipation of returns. One can see analysis of Mutual Funds, Corporate Bonds, Debentures, Fixed Deposits, etc…


New issue analysis is a kind of a brief x-ray of the prospects and investibility of the new offer of equity shares, warrants/bonds/debentures/FDs, Mutual Funds, etc


This column deals with life and non-life insurance by way of carrying features and talk about their products on offer periodically.


This is the most prestigious column among the personality based columns. This is a column that speaks about the credible contribution of an executive, who is capable of handling any challenging assignment and succeeding even in adversity. He or she also has made huge contribution to the industry working right at the grass root level and reaching the pinnacle only through hard works. The column is a kind of recognition to their long years of credible contribution to the institution that takes care of the socio-economic well-being of the country. His or her contribution, with clean track-record, continues to inspire next generation leaders. We select this column on the basis of either on the basis of our readers’ recommendation upon our verification over the recommended personality’s background or on the basis of our own periodic assessments with the support of our private data sources.


This column means people who contributed admirably to the industry or to the institution that has inspired managers down the line and benefitted the clients in various ways directly and directly. They worked as change agents and showed out-of-box approach to bring in functional innovation for the benefit of the society and for socio-economic benefits.


This is a part of our effort to identify potential business men and enterprise, which can be a role model of future India. First generation entrepreneurs, who worked very hard to build their enterprises and made it a huge success. Their enterprise has the future potential to be a corporate leader, if they are given desirable assistance and regulatory supports.


This column speaks about Young Managers or Chief Executives, who made lots of difference to their organization through taking the enterprise they serve to a new height.


This column focuses on credible Educational institutions, which are innovative and offer professional courses. The idea behind this is to guide middle and lower middle level executives to find suitable courses and training for their career growth. We also aim to make it a column that can help some corporate to find it as a destination for their HR training


The real estate column will mainly speak about forthcoming and ongoing real estate projects – both commercial and residential across the country. The column will speak about credibility of the developer, strength of the project, amenities offered, value for money, etc. after their background check through our own sources. This will also be a kind of recommendation.


Readers can post letter to the Editor not only based on the editorial content, but also about their (good or bad) experience with any institution, consumer grievances, grievance against the denial of their rights, injustice meted out on them and other things. After thorough verification, we will publish the edited version on the site. In deserving cases, especially in the case of our paid subscribers, we also will try to bring the same to the notice of the concerned authority.